Webinar - 1 July 2016 - 11.45-12.30 CET

While the EU has had a global lead in ATMP technologies and regulation policy, other countries are moving aggressively into the space.

The Japanese "Sakigake" accelerated pathway for regenerative medicines, as well as initiatives such as the UK's EAMs and EMA's PRIME are such examples.
What are the National Governments and European Commission doing specifically to ensure that ATMP technologies are continued to be developed and commercialised in Europe?

Arnd Hoeveler  
Head of Novel Medical 
Developments Unit
DG Research & Innovation
European Commission 

Nick Crabb                            Barbara Freischem   
Associate Director                   Executive Director 
Diagnostics                                     EBE
Assessment Programme,
National Institute for Health 
and Clinical Excellence


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18 June 2016 in Press Release