EBE webinar live from BIO: "Accessing the European Market: What Do You Need to Know and When Do You Need to Know It?"

June 8th, 2016 - 17-18h CET, 8-9h PDT (California)

A spotlight on the specifics for cell, gene and tissue therapy

Watch the webinar here 

JordiLlinares150x150 Leeza-Osipenko MiguelMullet150x150

Jordi Llinares Garcia,
Head of Product 
Development Scientific Support,
European Medicines Agency

Leeza Osipenko,
Associate Director, 
Scientific Advice Team,
National Institute Health And 
Care Excellence (NICE)

Miguel Mulet,
Director Strategy and New Projects,
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marlene-haffner barbara-freischem-ebe  

Marlene Haffner,
Vice Chair Biopontis 
and Former Director 
of Orphan Product 
Development, FDA


Barbara Freischem
Executive Director,